intervention conjointe des délégations de Monaco et de la Tunisie lors des négociations intergouvernementales sur le programme de développement de l'après-2015 : déclaration politique (en anglais)

Intervention de: Mme Clotilde Ferry

17 février 2015


I deliver this statement on behalf of the delegations of Tunisia and Monaco.

On the outset, let me take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your work and, in particular for the elements under consideration for the political declaration.

We understand the political declaration should be a call for action by all, looking into the future, sparing no effort to reach our common objective of sustainable development for all.

At the onset of our current discussions, Ambassador KAMAU reminded us justly of the gruesome realities of todays world as well as the gap that sometimes tend to isolate the United Nations in New York, from the other capitals in the world.

My delegation is satisfied with the work of the Open ended Working Group and its outcome on the SDGs. Its report contains, as we all recognized, the main basis to promote our priorities for the post-2015 in areas of utmost importance.

But as you all know, sport is not included. As sport encompasses a wide range of issues, it would have been difficult to fit it under one of the 17 SDGs as they were defined without truly limiting its scope.

We, as Member States, have however acknowledged over the last 20 years, the (increasing) contribution of sport to peace and development. This recognition gave way to the adoption of the International Day of sport for peace and development on August 23rd, 2013.

As we already noted the role of sport in the 2005 Declaration, it is therefore the wish of my delegation, on behalf of Tunisia, to propose that language on sport be included in the political declaration.

The role of sport as a tool to promote tolerance and mutual understanding, non discrimination and social inclusivity, education and health amongst other issues must be fully utilized in the achievement of our common objectives. It represents a critical element of what and how we can forge enhanced cooperation and innovative partnerships.

Thank you Co-Facilitators,